Before taking on the fantastic job of owning your very own Continental Giant you must make sure you can provide your rabbit with adequate housing.

If being kept outside you must have a large enough hutch at least 6ft long but the bigger the better and a good sized area for them to get out and have a run around in. Preferably at least 2 hours excercise a day but again the more the merrier.
If you are thinking about keeping him/her indoors it is best to provide them with an area that they can call their own fully rabbit proofed i.e no cables lying around, in a quiet part of the house, with a litter tray.


Your rabbit's diet is very crucial to the longevity of their health. It is absolutely necessary to feed your rabbit with fresh water and Timothy Hay, not alfalfa. Alfalfa is okay to give to young baby rabbits, but only for a very short time because it contains such a high concentrate of calcium. Too much calcium thickens a rabbit's urine and causes bladder infections, kidney stones, and other urinary tract infections. So, Timothy Hay is the way to go and should be available at any pet store.

It is advised that you feed your rabbit on a good quality nugget food i.e burgess excel or supreme science selectives. As rabbits are selective eaters, when fed on the standard rabbit food mixes, they become picky and only eat what they like leaving at the bottom of the bowl the stuff they dont like and therefor arent getting all the nutrients they need, however with the nuggets they dont do this and eat everything.

Hay is very important to rabbits diet and the more they eat the better. It also helps to keep their teeth down. Good quality hay such as Timothy, Oat and Meadow.


Grass (without any chemicals)                                Spring Greens
Celery (strings removed)                                        Leafy lettuce (not iceberg)
Alfalfa sprouts
Carrots and carrot tops
Herbs (basil, parsley, cilantro, mint)
Bok choy
Dandelion flowers and leaves (untreated)
Radish tops and sprouts
Broccoli (mostly stems and leaves)
Grapes (no seeds)
Apple (no core and seeds)

Never give your rabbit: green beans, potatoes, avocado, onion, rhubarb.  There are many garden plants that are poisonous to rabbits please be aware if your rabbit has the run of the garden